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Guest Management Tips For a Smoothly Running Restaurant

Guest Management Tips For a Smoothly Running Restaurant

Do you think the sale came with magic? In a sense you are right, because you create miracles with your guests' positive impression of your food and restaurant service. Management and employees need to drive sales. Your Service Staff is your primary sales person. Kitchen employees should be motivated to provide quality food to your guests. Management needs to keep both areas on track and ensure the atmosphere for each customer is a positive experience. There are two key items that we see as miracles that can keep staff on track and are motivated positively.

In this article we will review about guest management. First each server should realize that they are sales people and they will create more tips and more happy guests by selling the menu. This means every server should know the menu inside and out. This happens with proper training and server motivation from your manager. How many times have you visited the restaurant and the server was totally unaware of the menu knowledge? Does it create the magic you want in service? What about servers that respond quickly to your questions about the menu? That's the service magic you need to make on your presentation staff.

There are many aspects in training your servants and servants; one you can do is guest management and social media engagement. Here is a summary of the steps commonly used: Greet - Seat: Make sure every guest is greeted as soon as they come to the restaurant. You can even add more talent by opening the door and welcoming them as guests. Place your guests as quickly as possible. The customer hates standing in front of the door when there are many open tables visible. Tell- Sell: Tell guests about the menu to sell the menu. This is a key factor for all service personnel. Waiters and waiters should be immediately notified of any changes to the menu and if there is a special promotion. They should know the menu in full. 

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